The worlds three major sandals brands

Teva, Keen, Chaco, the world’s three major sandals brands, which one is the most worth buying?
Known as the world’s three major sandals brands Teva, Keen, Chaco, and Israel’s source, these sandals in terms of comfort, durability, aesthetics and cost-effective, which is the most worth buying?

Now all three are transforming Lifestyle from Outdoor, then I choose the current three main products for comparison:

Teva : Original Collection

Chaco: Z Series

Keen: Uneek Collection

1. Teva Original Universal • Simple structure The Original Universal is very simple in terms of structure and material. Seven nylon webbings of the same material pass through three identically sized Triangular Rings, complemented by stitching and magic. Stick fixed. The three-layer sole is made of high-density EVA, low-density EVA and rubber. The webbing is fixed between the two layers of soles through the first EVA sole. The outermost rubber sole is wear-resistant and non-slip.

Excellent ergonomics

The entire Strapping System consists of a three-part band.

The “toe strap” locks the toes, positioned a little behind the second metatarsal, and has little interference with the natural bending of the foot movement; the “heel strap” locks the ankle, giving the raised cheekbones and active ankles sufficient space.

The “foot strap” is also important, it avoids the possibility of the shoe falling off under special circumstances; the side strap is placed on the outside of the foot because the foot deforms less when the foot is bent, and the strap is on the foot. The extrusion of the ministry is smaller.

• Good match

With the simplest, of course, it is still paired with jeans, remember: expose the ankle!

For girls, on the beach, a pair of Teva looks very practical, and there is no contradiction with the swimsuit. In addition, there is no problem with the long skirt that is always friendly to flat sandals.

If you are a boy, shorts are of course OK. If you feel that you can hold it, wearing casual pants with matching stockings is not a bad idea.

2. Chaco Z series

• Excellent ergonomics

In 1989, Chaco created the world’s first pair of non-velcro sandals. Chaco uses a fastener called the “four-speed buckle” to secure the webbing. Before the Chaco sandals, the fasteners were used on backpacks and other items.

The Z-belt system/Z-Strap is used to match the fastener. Why is it called Z? Maybe I can’t see the shoes alone, I can’t take off my shoes.

What difference can the “Z-belt” and the “four-speed buckle” bring?

Chaco‘s lacing system differs from all previous sandals (or all shoes) in that it has only one main webbing, and a webbing shuttles between the structure of the sole to wrap your entire body.

Even more amazing is that the entire webbing is active, even if it is buried in the sole, you can pull and adjust its length, 360 ° fit to your feet.

• Exquisite structure

The overall size of the footbed is 8 holes through which the webbing of the upper is inserted.

A belt is inserted into the 6 holes of the sole, and then fixed with the B belt. After the upper is fixed, the outer structure of the bottom of the footbed is sealed with the outsole.

The shape of the footbed is quite a bit: 1 The arched three-dimensional arch supports the foot and resists the internal rotation (the foot is twisted inside when walking). 2 The protrusions on both sides stabilize the heel. Chaco is indeed better than Teva in fixing the foot. When the Teva is worn, the foot will slide horizontally. Chaco has no such problem. 3 The sole is made of PU, not the general EVA. It is well supported and suitable for long distance and wild walking. But the downside is Shen.

• Good match

The ZX1 and ZX2 are split into two by a webbing, and even the ZX3 split into three. The slimmer webbing will look more sexy or playful, more suitable for girls.

Whether it’s a swimwear or a hot pants, a denim or even a sock, Chaco can easily match the colors, prints and matching of Chaco webbing.

3. Keen Uneek

• Excellent ergonomics

Uneek’s upper is made of two nylon ropes. In order to increase the strength, inelastic polyester is added to the center of the nylon rope. The nylon cord fits the foot, but there is no sense of oppression.

In addition, when the foot is active, it will move in the shoe (foot surface) relative to the foot floor. The two ropes are just positioned to make the foot move more freely.

The sole is made of a lightweight PU midsole, and the forefoot of the sole is quite soft and free due to the presence of the gutter and the knife cut pattern.

The insole uses a microfiber cloth in contact with the foot, which is very skin-friendly.

I wonder if you are interested in Uneek’s weaving method, I tried to make a short paragraph. In fact, these shoes are not only the two ropes officially advertised, but also a nylon rope on the sole to play through the fixed function, but it is covered by the outsole, can not be seen, and the structure is very clever.

The beauty of the structure intertwined by the line and the line is reflected in the mass-produced shoes, and there must be no small labor costs behind it.

• Good match

Uneek is indeed full of possibilities, and I still don’t think there is any style to repel it.