what brand of chaco in which country

This year, this simple sandal with a simple design is very popular. It looks great with colorful socks. The sandals of Chaco are very good in workmanship and quality. The sandals of this brand are very generous in design and fashionable.

What brand of chaco

The Colorado River, located in the Grand Canyon of the United States, is known as the world’s most rugged river. The rubber boat navigator who leads tourists to conquer this rapids is also the world’s most elite rapid challenger. Chaco sports sandals also respond to this group. The needs of the aquatic elite arise. In 1989, Chaco created the world’s first pair of non-velcro sandals. Chaco uses a type of fastener called a “four-speed buckle” to secure the webbing. Prior to Chaco sandals, this type of fastener was used on backpacks and other items. The matching fastener is “Z-strap system / Z-Strap”. Why is it called Z? Maybe you can’t see the shoes alone, let’s take them off. The biggest difference between Chaco’s lace system and all sandals (or all shoes) in the past is that it has only one main webbing. One webbing shuttles between the structure of the sole and wraps your foot as a whole.

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what is chaco

Chaco trendy outdoor sandals are a favorite of flats! Trendy men and women look at this outdoor sandals are very popular in Japan (skirts, hakama, short skirts, shorts, all in all) can go to the beach and usually wear casual types There are types of outdoor models for climbing. I bought a pair of red ones and bought a pair of black and white pairs for my male friends. Both of us can climb models. I do n’t know if I can climb. In short, I Knowing that it is very fashionable, it was a shame that I wanted to buy a black single strap! But this red one can be put on as long as you don’t wear too scary clothes! Today I wore a white T and denim shorts and I feel refreshed! It ’s a soft rubber base. If you are interested in materials, you can Google it and I ’m too lazy to check it. Anyway, I am very comfortable and a little bit heavy! Do n’t worry about grinding my feet. It ’s very comfortable! My boyfriend is very happy

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How to wash sandals

Point 1: For the leather surface, you can wet the cotton cloth and wipe it dry.

Point two: Since most of the common is PV leather, you can use an old toothbrush soaked in water and then brush from the inside out. For example, if the surface is in front of the shoe, you should go from the upper to the toe Direction brush, only in this way, will not keep dirty things on the shoes. It is best to use a soft toothbrush dipped in soapy water and brush it again, then use a toothbrush dipped in water or a small amount of toothpaste to wipe off the dirt, and finally wrap it with white toilet paper.

Point three: After rubbing and wrapping, do not put it in the place where the sun can directly expose it, otherwise the white part of the shoes will turn yellow.

chaco sandals sale

Note: It should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. If there is still a little sunshine in the place, you can completely wet the tissue paper and cover the shoes flat, so that it will not cause yellowing.