Gear Junkie – Fully Customized Chaco Sandals

Sandals are baked under pressure. Ink moves from the transfer paper to the belt and sole. I was onsite at the Chaco plant in Michigan, and the shoes became hard before my eyes.

MyChacos PrintShop is a program in the pipeline. It is fully licensed for anyone interested in creating sandals with a completely custom style.

Chaco’s iconic Z / Sandal is a canvas. You can upload graphics-photos, artwork, personal sketches online on the PrintShop webpage. Once the design is complete, the factory workers in Rockford, Michigan will bring you unique sandals.

Chaco launched the program last week. The cost is extremely low; the company only charges $ 10 for the PrintShop version.

For more information on this product, please visit Stephen Regenold is the founder and writes articles for Gear Junkie on outdoor gear.