These sandals have been the backbone of outdoor explorers for nearly 30 years.

chaco sandals sale
chaco sandals sale

These sandals have been around for 30 years in outdoor explorers – that’s why they are still so popular today.

It was in the late 1980s that the rapids and fly fishing guide Mark Paigen stood on a boat somewhere in western Colorado, looking down at his gravel feet. “My feet are in hell,” he thought. “There must be a better way.”

When he was wearing wet running shoes all day, some of the guides around him wore Teva sandals. He likes the idea of ​​using synthetic materials instead of leather sandals because they don’t accumulate water and don’t let their feet dry in the sun.

Over the past 30 years, Paigen’s sporting sandal, Chaco, has become a favorite of outdoor adventurers around the world.

It requires the creation of custom-made shoes, targeted design plans, on-site testing, and a well-established background in a close-knit outdoor community to make Chaco stand out. Today, it has soared to help drive the growth of its parent company, Wolverine Worldwide, and to keep fans happy with new styles and colors. The company even released a new monochrome series that matches the trend of today’s colorful chunky shoes and works with retailers such as Urban Outfitters to bring the brand outside the outdoor community.

chaco sandals sale
chaco sandals sale

How does Chacos become:

In a blog post by Tread Labs, Paigen explained that to take athletic sandals to a new level, he knew he needed the following components:

Synthetic material Placement of the anatomical band Continuous wearable belt Quality component No velcro

He made several pairs for himself and liked to fasten the pull-on belt to his feet, and simply remove the sand by immersing the feet in the water. When he took the customer to go fishing, they inevitably asked him about his sandals because they believed in the experience and expertise of the guide.

Paigen traced the footprints of Chaco’s early customers on paper and created custom pairs for them. At the unofficial starting point of the brand, each pair is priced at $30. The official iteration and the brand’s bestseller Z/1 Classic Sandal, today priced at $105.

chaco sandals sale
chaco sandals sale

With the development of the Whitewater community in the 1990s, the same was true of the topic of Chaco. Paigen met with an ankle orthodontist or shoe specialist to discuss how he could meet the requirements for an open-toe design that could still hold the foot (the original Chaco design had a toe ring that could still be found). Through these meetings, Paigen learned that the foot bed also plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the foot. Today Chacos has excellent arch support, which is the brand’s logo.

After finalizing the sandal design, all that remains is the name. Paigen’s best friend puts on a cheesy French accent, he said sandals should be named Z / 1, because it is “Ze one!” “Z” also reflects the shoe’s Z-shaped strap design, which can be adjusted and allowed Custom fit.
Take a closer look at Chaco Z / 1 Classic sandals

Chaco now sells many different sandal styles. Some have multiple straps or toe rings, some look more like traditional flip-flops, and even a few are made of leather. However, Z / 1 is still the brand’s most recognizable and popular product.

chaco sandals sale
chaco sandals sale

The Z / 1 has a signature ChacoGrip rubber outsole with a high grip and is suitable for terrain from dusty roads to urban sidewalks. The midsole is thicker and the arch is thicker, with a high profile textured footbed. The upper consists of a sturdy and quick-drying polyester jacquard band and buckle that helps you adjust the strap.
We tried Chaco Z / 1 Classic sandals in 3 colors (lavender cream, Turkish sea and black). This is our comment:

I have been wearing Chacos clothing since I was 12 years old – I was the first time to go on a whitewater rafting trip, I went to the camp in the summer, I wore them every weekend, looking for shark teeth in my growing river. (Yes, it’s actually a swamp monster). They are the ultimate outdoor sandals. The base is thick enough to remove the foot from tiny cobblestones and dirt; the sturdy footbed keeps the foot secure enough to prevent slipping and slipping; the belt is adjustable and quick to dry. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, there is no better choice than this – don’t forget to show off the fun tan lines they will give you! This is the right of passage in the outdoor world. In addition, I am officially trying to make Chacos a fashion product – I mean, everyone is wearing thick sandals anyway.

In terms of selection, the work of the jury is feasible. Chacos will tell you to enlarge the size (if between two sizes). I enlarged the size to 8, because I am 7.5 and they only have the entire size, but I actually recommend reducing the size. Size 8 is good, but I think the arch takes up a little more surface area and the toe area is beyond my needs, so I have to pull the strap very tight to prevent it from moving. -Edit Sally Kaplan

I heard a lot of information about Chacos from outdoor activities and friends who are easy to hike. I never thought they would be the clothes I really wore. Now, because I realize their cuteness, leisure and comfort, I wear them several times a week.

Living in New York requires a lot of walking, so you must have comfortable and breathable shoes. Although I like to wear flat shoes, (basically) when wading in the hot air of the city, there is a big difference in letting the toes out. I can wear strappy sandals or high heels, but Chacos is stronger, more supportive and lighter. I fixed the belt to the looser end, but I like it, and I can even choose to adjust the belt quickly without having to make a fuss. I spent a few mouths on my feet to fully adapt to the insole, and now it seems that my feet have been shaped by these sandals.

I put them in a beautiful lavender cream, and the fun and relaxed feeling of summer is no better. You can definitely take advantage of all the vivid colors that Chaco offers, as they will immediately modify your clothes. – Chen Kangni, reporter

chaco sandals sale
chaco sandals sale

I know that $105 sandals are expensive, but Chacos has been a mid-stream for summer outdoor activities, so you know you have to pay for it. I have been resolutely opposed to wearing sandals for many years, but my position has recently eased. In any case, the father style has become popular recently, and it doesn’t look strange if you match it with regular clothes.

When the outside is really hot, exposing your feet to the air can be very helpful in keeping them cool. The Chaco footbed is also rugged. I also like that it is very thick and can keep my feet away from the ground so that I don’t have toes and/or become as dirty as slippers.

My only minor complaint is that once the belt is tightened, it will be very long. I didn’t drag on the ground, but it was enough to notice it when I walked, so I had to stuff it on another belt. It does not affect the comfort of the shoes, but it is worth noting. Anyway, I can spend it on these shoes all day long. What I want to say is that if you still have doubts about sandals, please give them a chance. Flip-flops are used in the locker room – find some Chacos to go outside. – Breton Fischetti, Vice President

chaco sandals sale
chaco sandals sale

Where and how to shop Chacos

You can find Chaco sandals for men and women online at many retailers, including Amazon, Nordstrom, REI and Urban Outfitters. Their sales in various stores show how the shoes are blurring the line between sport and fashion – the equivalent of Nike streetwear sandals.

You can also purchase a variety of colors and styles on Chaco’s website, including exclusive and limited edition products. If you want to create a unique custom sandal, please visit the official website. Free shipping on orders over $120, free standard delivery.

Since some colors and styles are sold out, you may want to check all of the sites above to find the one you want. When you are done, you will find yourself wearing them for hiking, lunchtime, flights, festivals, etc.

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