Tread Labs triples insole variety with improved features and higher value

The improved range brings comfort, value and performance to customers and better prices and profits for retailers.

Stoneham, Mass .: Today, Tread Labs announced three new insole series to replace Stride, its flagship product. With the launch of this new insole series, Tread Labs has improved the customer experience with better fit, comfort, value and convenience, while also creating an insole program for professional retailers to Delivered in a challenging environment.

“In the past, we only considered end users and ignored the needs of brick-and-mortar retailers,” said Mark Paigen, owner of Tread Labs. “In spite of our success in the DTC market, we recognize that we are professional The importance of retailers in helping customers connect with our brand. “

The main changes include more attractive products at competitive prices, and higher profit margins to support professional retailers. The revised series is more visually appealing, logically classified, and attractively priced. This includes:

    Stroll Insoles (Comfort Series) – Our softest insoles are best for those who are sensitive to extra support.
    Pace Insole (Pain Relief Series) – Firm and most effective in relieving plantar fasciitis and other problems.
    Dash Insoles (Performance Series) – with 100% carbon fiber arch support for extra firm, low profile support. Ideal for competitive athletes seeking superiority through improved biomechanics.

“By combining the firm support and precise fit of custom orthotics with the simplicity of over-the-counter inserts, we offer a different approach to the value equation of insoles,” said Mark Paigen, owner of Tread Labs. “Our customers love Tread Labs’ easy replacement of the new cover, which saves money and reduces waste. This makes them happy with the purchase.”

All Ramble, Pace and Dash insoles have:

    Million Miles Guarantee-Tread Labs insoles are divided into two parts. The unique moulded arched bracket guarantees lifetime use. The interchangeable top cover can be easily replaced as needed.
    Fits every shoe-The insole comes in three top styles to precisely fit all low heel shoes.
    Exact size-you can wear shoes with almost no trimming.
    4 arched heights-guaranteed to fit all customers perfectly.

Tread Labs was created by Mark Paigen, founder of Chaco Sandals. After selling Chaco to Wolverine World Wide, Inc., his mission was to change people’s lives by improving footwear and biomechanics. “People usually don’t realize that footwear will feel great if it is properly supported,” Pegan said. “We are happy to hear from customers about their OMG moments when they find a strong sense of support. This Decided our day. “

Visit Tread Labs’ press room for high-resolution product images and two-part system videos.

About Tread Labs: Tread Labs manufactures orthopedic insoles with firm support and perfect fit. Tread Labs’ innovative two-piece system is recognized for its value and versatility by providing a semi-custom fit with four arch heights. Tread Labs is headquartered in Greater Boston, USA, and was founded in 2015 by Mark Paigen, founder of Chaco Sandals. For more information, visit