Chaco sports sandals

The Colorado River, located in the Grand Canyon of the United States, is known as the world’s most rugged river. The rubber boat navigator who leads tourists to conquer this rapids is also the world’s most elite rapid challenger. Chaco sports sandals also respond to this group The needs of the aquatic elite arise.

For many years, Chaco has been the most popular sandal among this group of pilots. It is because of Chaco’s unique single strap design and the use of the best materials that it can meet the stringent requirements of this group of whitewater elites. Only the serious Chaco can make you feel free when wearing sandals. Even if you are carrying a week-long journey through the canyon, or just wearing a pair of Chaco sandals to wander around the world for a month, Chaco sandals bring you the comfort and freedom, just like your close comrades, moving forward with you.

Chaco shoes design features

Rugged construction

Chaco understands that comfortable sandals are a good block for climbing and wading, so Chaco only chooses the most durable materials and uses the most comfortable design to make Chaco sandals. Chaco has introduced a new and extremely strong adhesive, while the sole is made of the world-renowned VIBRAMÃ’, which has outstanding performance and long-standing anti-slip wear resistance. In order to produce the highest quality sandals, Chaco spends a long time testing the stability of the soles every year. The results confirm that Chaco sandals are stable and durable even when walking on extremely rough and rough roads.

Robust single band design

Generally, the upper of sandals is composed of several straps. When wearing, it is necessary to adjust multiple straps, and the interface is more torn after wearing. Chaco’s patented design belt is made of a webbing around the soles of the feet, which is easy to adjust on the one hand, and the wraparound design can more securely lock your feet without the disadvantage of throwing the belt.

Comfortable PU Footbed

Generally sandals and footbeds use EVA foam, which is not very absorbent. Although light in weight, they cannot protect your feet on rugged mountain roads. However, the footbed developed by Chaco is highly resistant to shock. Made of shock-resistant PU rubber, which can reduce the shock caused by rough roads to the human body.

Comfort comes from the right support

The definition of comfort for Chaco sandals is not that simple and moderate in length and width, but that the shape and structure of the footbed must match the shape of the foot, making you feel natural. Therefore, Chaco worked with the foot orthopaedicist to design a three-dimensional footbed that conforms to the shape of the foot. In order to make sure that every step you take, the footbed can stick to your feet and feel as comfortable as walking on fine sand.

made in America

Chaco’s Z / 1 and Z / 2 series are produced in US factories, so that the quality of the entire production process can be strictly controlled. On the other hand, Chaco attaches great importance to the impact of the production process on the environment. The production in the United States can minimize the waste generated during production and recycle it as much as possible. Although production costs have increased a lot due to manufacturing in the United States, Chaco feels that the impact of the environment on us is more important than money.