What are the mens sandals that can be worn at work

This kind of weather in summer is a nightmare for office workers. It is not like the style of sandals that women can choose. Most men can’t wear slippers (Flip-flops, etc.) when working. Can you recommend some suitable for work wear? And not crappy men’s sandals? (The coolest toe toe! Or beach shoes? Crocs?)

Work can be worn, it is estimated that the main meaning of the subject is that the work does not appear low when wearing. Then, the types of sandals that boys can wear are roughly the following:
Vintage/ethnic sandals: fisherman sandals, birkenstock, t sandals, roman shoes
Ribbon sandals: chaco, teva, keen, source, etc.
Street/sports style sandals: 2-strap, visvim, openwork sneakers
Foamed hole shoes: native, crocs

Retro/ethnic sandals: Sandals such as fisherman sandals, birkenstock, T sandals, and Roman shoes are mostly made of leather. They are more suitable for semi-dressing and semi-casual clothes, such as shirts and polo shirts. Fisherman sandals fisherman sandals can buy fashion brands and dress shoes brands,

T belt sandals

A long history of T sandals, many boys may feel a little bit pregnant

Roman shoes

This is suitable for thin and tall boys to wear, try to choose high-top styles, such as the following aldo launched

Boken shoes

This is estimated to be the most versatile sandals. Although it is bad, it is highly recommended, especially the three classic styles of T-trap, 2-strap and clog.

Mexican sandals

This is the style that has emerged in recent years.

Ribbon sandals, mainly outdoor sandals with a breath of life


The most recommended styles for outdoor sandals are Teva’s original collection, Chaco‘s Z-series and Keen’s Uneek collection, a must-have for home.

Regarding the choice between them, I have answered Teva, Keen, Chaco, Previous article which is known as the world’s three major sandals brands. Outdoor sandals are very convenient to wear, and can basically adapt to the clothes that are usually worn.

In addition to these three brands, there are some other good ones, such as source, mont-bell

Street/sports style sandals: strap, visvim, cross straps, openwork sneakers


I feel that this summer’s most worn shoes are New Balance’s caravan sandals.

More advanced than him is adidas adilette, this is more recommended


For so many years, visvim shoes are still hot

Also inherited by suicoke, suicoke feels likable

Cross strap

This is a more popular element, also used on sandals, such as nike’s pair of Wallace sandals

Openwork sandals

Every year, there are some sandals that have been modified from the sneakers. This year, you can see the adidas EQT series.

Camper’s this is not bad

Foamed hole shoes: native, crocs

Sandals such as eva are cost-effective and really comfortable. Everyone is familiar with crocs. You can pick some relatively calm colors.

Native shoe jefferson is more energetic, it is designed on the basis of canvas shoes, and there are many people wearing