What are the shoes that are very good for the summer and are suitable for summer wear?

Comrades pay attention to the review of the ducks. Note that the men’s shoes, men’s shoes, men’s shoes, the weather is too hot to wear what shoes, of course, the slippers / sandals these two summers! Sandals as another straight man’s proposition, every time the sandals will be covered with old-fashioned, outdated, ugly and other keywords.

Speaking of sandals, many people refused, because the thought of men’s sandals is very low in our minds.

In fact, sandals can be said to be a hot component of the current fashion circle? you do not believe? Come here, come together! TEVA was born in the United States in 1983. Since 1986, Teva has been selected as the highest honor in the top sports sandals in the United States for 21 consecutive years.

The Chaco American brand is known as the world’s first pair of non-velcro sandals. Using a Z-belt system, use a webbing to shuttle between the structures of the soles and wrap your entire body. Flexible and solid!

As one of the best sandals brands in Japan, Suicoke has partnered with a number of well-known brands (including CLOT of Guan Xige), as well as the tops of major trends icon.

Keen, known as the “strongest mountain sandals”, feels the love of many hipsters with its unique design and comfortable wearing of the lines and lines. Almost perfectly integrated into every style of wear

Official: “Two shoe ropes, one insole” concept

New Balance sandals are mainly nb this sandal because the heel is detachable, one second to change the big brother! Spend the same money and wear two pairs of shoes!

Shaka sandals are mainly composed of nylon straps and a highly functional V-bottom. In particular, the diversity of Shaka’s color scheme has been loved by many hipsters.

In addition to these footwear brands, now even fast fashion is also very love to launch sandals Zara

If you don’t have a cold on sandals, try a pair of slippers that can’t be used. There are all kinds of colors, there must be one for you.