I also show my thighs.

Who said that only girls can show their thighs! ?

chaco sandals mens
chaco sandals mens sale

It’s a pity that such a long leg is not exposed.

Margaret Howell, who bought last year, can still wear it as good as this year!

Hahaha, I wore N times last year.

Shorts are bought this year at Agnes B. The color styles are good and are bought on the spot.

Recently I always think, hesitate, like to buy on the spot, save the day after me

The shoes are popular from last year, the chaco is very thick, and it is comfortable to wear.

The most important thing is that this shoe looks good.

Hahaha, it looks like my legs are really long, I didn’t buy it.

As for the person next to me, I don’t need to introduce it.

I don’t really know what his Chinese name is.

Who can tell me?