How to wear everyday clothes out of the exotic

It was really a rush to go to India this time, it was almost a week before I decided to go, let alone prepare a beautiful skirt and equipment concave shape.

However, I always think about comfortable and versatile when I go out. I rarely go shopping for a trip. It is not worthwhile to go out and wear it once. This trip to India is almost all the original clothes. Many of them have been photographed before. I haven’t found it.

Come, set a set of research

Figure 1:

Red T: American Eagle Outfitters

Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters

Black pants: Bershka

Shoes: Chaco

Headscarf: purchased locally

On the first day, I was not prepared, I wore very ordinary black pants (required for every trip) and comfortable sandals. The short sleeves were covered with a gauze sunscreen and went out. The headscarf, eyebrows and scarves were all in the I bought it in the old Delhi market, and I feel up in an instant. This coat was worn in Egypt in 2016.

Figure II:

T-shirt: American Eagle Outfitters

Long skirt: Hollister

Pink shawl: local

This set of pink-blue sari is my own with a T-shirt and a long skirt! Is it quite like that? I was touched by myself. Hahaha~ (This light blue T I wore many times, very comfortable and fresh colors)

This long skirt originally I thought about whether it would be too much to be taken (in 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey)

In the market in Delhi, I didn’t find the place where I made Sari on the same day. I bought Shah’s Buhahahaha, which has a long, tender pink shawl~ It’s just a set of wood, it’s very pink, this set Super like

Figure 3:

Black shoulder: H&M

Long skirt: Flying Tomato

Headscarf: local

It is a new set of old clothes~

The top is the word of the hm summer discount last year. I remember that I didn’t get 80 yuan. I entered one in black and white.

The long skirt was bought at in the United States when the sophomore was in the United States. The brand was Flying Tomato (also passed through in Cuba).

Figure 4:

Pink T-Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters

Skirt: Locally made Sari

I found a place in Agra to make the cloth I bought a few days ago, but found that he only made a skirt… The top was equipped with a pink T-shirt with the same color, and the mother’s mother. Women’s clothing (together in Florida last year)

Figure 5:

Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters

Black shoulder: H&M

Wide leg pants: local

The previous clothes were slightly re-matched. The first day of the sun protection clothing + black shoulders, with a wide range of locally bought wide-leg pants (all everywhere) is a new set!

After reading these outfits, have you found out that the secret to making everyday clothes out of the exotic is the accessories!

Come, find out

Big earrings

I especially like the exotic earrings. I used to love a lot of things before, but I never had a chance to wear them. This time finally came in handy! I can be happy, I am changing every day.

Eyebrow sticker

One of the characteristics of India is that the exotic color of the eyebrows is red and thick. It is not a lipstick. It is a special ‘eyebrow sticker’ also called Bindi. It is attached to the forehead and will not fall for a day.

This is also called auspiciousness, a symbol of joy and a religious meaning. In the past, the eyebrows were the symbol of married women, but now it is a decoration, except the widow can point ~ so everyone can be bold and choose the good-looking ones they like to match the clothes (I specifically asked the locals too Baidu has)

Bindi is available in a variety of sizes and sizes with rhinestones. About 5 yuan a board, a little more expensive diamonds, I bought a board 1cm of red, and a board of a little reddish ~


India, Iran and other exotic countries, the headscarf is the first step in foreign dressing. This scarf is bought in India, but in fact, the solid color can be very good.


India is really a variety of wearing jewelry, can not wait from head to toe are blingbling ~ I also bought a bright diamond nose, because the departure is too hasty, Taobao bought the courier has not arrived yet. The headgear was bought locally.

These Taobao can be bought, if time is tight, you can save time on the Internet. If you don’t have time to buy it, there are many locals.

Long skirt wide leg pants

Usually I rarely wear long skirts, but in this country that can’t be worn and exposed too much, the long skirt is not only concave and sunscreen.

Wide-legged trousers like this are everywhere in India, and the price is very cute.

Do you find that everyday clothes can also wear beautiful and exotic children? Travel or have to wear comfortable to play. I hope this article will help you. Make your travel wear beautiful and comfortable.