American small holiday wear and body image

On Labor Day, it feels like the Denver Autumn Tiger is coming, dry and hot.

Skirts with canvas shoes or small shorts with sandals. This pairing in the country last time may be high school or even junior high school? I have always been concerned about the fact that my calves are not thin, so that it is rare to wear flat-bottomed, covered shoes with skirts or shorts. Sometimes when you go out in the summer, you have to walk a lot of roads and you must wear sneakers for walking. Because you are afraid of showing thick legs and then getting hot, you will wear jeans to cover them.

After so many years, today I went out wearing it and found that it was no big deal. I finally stopped thinking about other people’s views on my body. Most of the time I felt that others thought of myself. I don’t think others are in care. ). At the same time, I am also very impressed by how much the social environment and public trends affect one person. Although there are slogans everywhere to do their own love, but most of the advertising social networks only emphasize thin, young girls, accepting their own bodies, and coexisting with themselves, it seems more difficult.

The shoes in Figure 2 are the most popular chaco in the United States, and are also popular among Japanese and Korean bloggers. The sole rubber is very thick and very good to wear, but it is really a test of the leg type.