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This year, this simple sandal with a simple design is very popular. It looks great with colorful socks. The sandals of Chaco are very good in workmanship and quality. The sandals of this brand are very generous in design and fashionable.

What brand of chaco

The Colorado River, located in the Grand Canyon of the United States, is known as the world’s most rugged river. The rubber boat navigator who leads tourists to conquer this rapids is also the world’s most elite rapid challenger. Chaco sports sandals also respond to this group. The needs of the aquatic elite arise. In 1989, Chaco created the world’s first pair of non-velcro sandals. Chaco uses a type of fastener called a “four-speed buckle” to secure the webbing. Prior to Chaco sandals, this type of fastener was used on backpacks and other items. The matching fastener is “Z-strap system / Z-Strap”. Why is it called Z? Maybe you can’t see the shoes alone, let’s take them off. The biggest difference between Chaco’s lace system and all sandals (or all shoes) in the past is that it has only one main webbing. One webbing shuttles between the structure of the sole and wraps your foot as a whole.

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what is chaco

Chaco trendy outdoor sandals are a favorite of flats! Trendy men and women look at this outdoor sandals are very popular in Japan (skirts, hakama, short skirts, shorts, all in all) can go to the beach and usually wear casual types There are types of outdoor models for climbing. I bought a pair of red ones and bought a pair of black and white pairs for my male friends. Both of us can climb models. I do n’t know if I can climb. In short, I Knowing that it is very fashionable, it was a shame that I wanted to buy a black single strap! But this red one can be put on as long as you don’t wear too scary clothes! Today I wore a white T and denim shorts and I feel refreshed! It ’s a soft rubber base. If you are interested in materials, you can Google it and I ’m too lazy to check it. Anyway, I am very comfortable and a little bit heavy! Do n’t worry about grinding my feet. It ’s very comfortable! My boyfriend is very happy

chaco sandals sale

How to wash sandals

Point 1: For the leather surface, you can wet the cotton cloth and wipe it dry.

Point two: Since most of the common is PV leather, you can use an old toothbrush soaked in water and then brush from the inside out. For example, if the surface is in front of the shoe, you should go from the upper to the toe Direction brush, only in this way, will not keep dirty things on the shoes. It is best to use a soft toothbrush dipped in soapy water and brush it again, then use a toothbrush dipped in water or a small amount of toothpaste to wipe off the dirt, and finally wrap it with white toilet paper.

Point three: After rubbing and wrapping, do not put it in the place where the sun can directly expose it, otherwise the white part of the shoes will turn yellow.

chaco sandals sale

Note: It should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. If there is still a little sunshine in the place, you can completely wet the tissue paper and cover the shoes flat, so that it will not cause yellowing.

Chaco sports sandals

The Colorado River, located in the Grand Canyon of the United States, is known as the world’s most rugged river. The rubber boat navigator who leads tourists to conquer this rapids is also the world’s most elite rapid challenger. Chaco sports sandals also respond to this group The needs of the aquatic elite arise.

For many years, Chaco has been the most popular sandal among this group of pilots. It is because of Chaco’s unique single strap design and the use of the best materials that it can meet the stringent requirements of this group of whitewater elites. Only the serious Chaco can make you feel free when wearing sandals. Even if you are carrying a week-long journey through the canyon, or just wearing a pair of Chaco sandals to wander around the world for a month, Chaco sandals bring you the comfort and freedom, just like your close comrades, moving forward with you.

Chaco shoes design features

Rugged construction

Chaco understands that comfortable sandals are a good block for climbing and wading, so Chaco only chooses the most durable materials and uses the most comfortable design to make Chaco sandals. Chaco has introduced a new and extremely strong adhesive, while the sole is made of the world-renowned VIBRAMÒ, which has outstanding performance and long-standing anti-slip wear resistance. In order to produce the highest quality sandals, Chaco spends a long time testing the stability of the soles every year. The results confirm that Chaco sandals are stable and durable even when walking on extremely rough and rough roads.

Robust single band design

Generally, the upper of sandals is composed of several straps. When wearing, it is necessary to adjust multiple straps, and the interface is more torn after wearing. Chaco’s patented design belt is made of a webbing around the soles of the feet, which is easy to adjust on the one hand, and the wraparound design can more securely lock your feet without the disadvantage of throwing the belt.

Comfortable PU Footbed

Generally sandals and footbeds use EVA foam, which is not very absorbent. Although light in weight, they cannot protect your feet on rugged mountain roads. However, the footbed developed by Chaco is highly resistant to shock. Made of shock-resistant PU rubber, which can reduce the shock caused by rough roads to the human body.

Comfort comes from the right support

The definition of comfort for Chaco sandals is not that simple and moderate in length and width, but that the shape and structure of the footbed must match the shape of the foot, making you feel natural. Therefore, Chaco worked with the foot orthopaedicist to design a three-dimensional footbed that conforms to the shape of the foot. In order to make sure that every step you take, the footbed can stick to your feet and feel as comfortable as walking on fine sand.

made in America

Chaco’s Z / 1 and Z / 2 series are produced in US factories, so that the quality of the entire production process can be strictly controlled. On the other hand, Chaco attaches great importance to the impact of the production process on the environment. The production in the United States can minimize the waste generated during production and recycle it as much as possible. Although production costs have increased a lot due to manufacturing in the United States, Chaco feels that the impact of the environment on us is more important than money.

Teva vs Chaco-Here are two ways to pair popular sports sandals

chacos sale
chacos sale

If you are looking at sports sandals, we will think of a big question: Tevas or Chacos?

These popular outdoor sandals were born out of necessity. In the 1980s, two river guides (one in Arizona and the other in Colorado) needed comfortable footwear solutions to keep their shoes on their feet and prevent their feet from wrinkling into plums every day.

They had these common basic needs, but from there the river split. The sandals they eventually designed were very different in appearance and feel. We love Teva and Chaco sandals and introduce their history, design and impact on the fashion and outdoor industries.

Now this is a direct comparison that makes it easy to determine which sandals are right for you.

We have compared Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandals and Chaco Z / 1 Classic sandals in terms of belt system, insole, bow design and color selection to help you determine whether it is the Tevas team or the Chacos team.
See how the following Teva sandals compare to Chaco sandals:

Strap design and materials

An easy way to distinguish between Tevas and Chacos is the strap design. Teva straps line the sides of your feet, while Chaco straps wrap around the tops of the feet.

Teva straps support the top, sides and ankles of the foot, and have Velcro for adjustment. They are made of waterproof, quick-drying webbing made of polyester, nylon and recycled PET.

Chaco belts include buckles that cross each other and are actually a continuous long belt. This gives your feet a feeling of being wrapped. You can adjust the fit of various parts of the foot by pulling that area of the belt. They are made of waterproof, fast-drying polyester jacquard webbing.

chacos on sale
chacos on sale

When you wear these sandals, your foot bed is where you touch your feet all day. Here’s what makes the footbed different:

Tevas feels soft, smooth and cushioned.

Chacos’ insoles are slightly textured and feel more dry.

Midsole and arch design

chaco outlet
chaco outlet

Depending on the shape of your feet and the level of support you need, you will prefer a brand.

The lower arches of Tevas make you feel like you are approaching the ground. My feet are flat and I find Tevas is more comfortable than Chacos. The midsole is made of lightweight, elastic EVA foam, which is cushioning and elastic.

Chacos has a higher arch and a thicker midsole than Tevas. If your feet have a high arch, it will be more comfortable in Chacos. The midsole is made of PU foam, which is heavier than EVA foam, but has a longer rebound time.


cheap chaco
cheap chaco

The outsole has a different design, but both Tevas and Chacos provide powerful traction, allowing you to walk on all types of terrain-smooth floor tiles, rocky trails, smooth rocks, and more


chaco on sale
chaco on sale

Both shoes are great choices for lightweight footwear that won’t make you feel uncomfortable while traveling miles or hiking.

Tevas is lighter. A pair weighs 1 pound and 4 ounces.

Chacos is heavier. A pair weighs 1 pound (5.2 ounces).

Color and pattern options

chacos sale
chacos sale

Like all shoes, sports sandals reflect your personal style. You can choose from multiple colors and patterns for each brand.

Tevas comes in many neutral and bright colors as well as prints. Some styles are part of a limited edition collection, but if you can’t find what you need on Teva’s website, then it’s best to check out other online retailers like REI.

Chacos also has many neutral and bright colors and prints. The brand also has a limited edition collection. To make sure your pairing is never confused with others, you can create a custom pairing. Through this process, you can customize everything from the main belt to the logo badge. You can even upload your own images as prints or add embroidery.

Bottom line

chacos sale
chacos sale

After trying Teva and Chaco’s sandals, we learned that they are both comfortable and supportive. But you should use the following points to determine which pair you should buy.

Buy Tevas if the following conditions are true: If your soles are flat or curved, or you don’t mind velcro straps and want a softer footbed.

You can print anything on these Chaco sandals-I decided to use a photo of a cat

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Hi, this is James.

I am a person who likes outdoor adventures. By adventure, I mean I’ve rowed in Alaska and cycled around Mexico and Vietnam. I once yelled at Mountain Lion once, and I always have a knife that I actually use.

I spent dozens of nights in the tent a year, saw pictures of my cat Moosie and Nala (and my wife if she was not with me) and slept for a few minutes. I also watched cat videos of some of the most amazing and wild places on earth. OK, so the last stereotype that is not suitable for outdoor people, but stereotypes limit our personality, personality is something we should celebrate. For this, I wore my favorite sandals-they have very accurate rendered photos of Moosie, and I remade a famous scene from Disney’s The Lion King.

chacos sale
chaco sale

I was able to create them using Chaco’s new print shop collection of customizable sandals, allowing you to print almost everything on the soles, heels and straps of its legendary sandals and flip-flops. That’s why the next time I’m in the desert a million miles away from my phone’s signal, I don’t have to dig out my phone because I have my beloved cat sandals. There are more elegant pairs with landscapes, sunsets, ocean views, and trees, but every time I wake up and glance at the shoes in the tent, I choose the color that flashes (this is the luminous band I choose The help of buckle))) I am indeed a happy camper.

Don’t think you can customize fancy sandals. Chaco is the number one product in water sports shoes. It is a sandal for support, durability and grip. Chaco wearers even proudly show off their tan lines, like badges of honor. Don’t believe me? Water sports magazine Oars has written so much. If that’s not a sign of quality, I don’t know what it is.

Customizing Chacos requires you to make some difficult choices, such as choosing between Z1 sandals without toe straps or Z2 sandals with toe straps, and of course choosing a photo or color combination to use. The Z2 will provide more secure protection for your toes, but don’t ignore the socks compatibility that comes with the Z1 style. After a long day, socks and sandals by the bonfire won’t shake, or if you’re in the water, the Z1s can save expensive neoprene booties from sharp rocks. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the adjustable fit, sturdy arch support, and well-designed sole, which can be like gripping wet rocks and dry trails. I often hike in mines, especially in warm weather, and I know that I will cross rivers and streams, which will wet my hiking boots and soak my feet.

I can’t help you decide what new sandals to wear. Views of your favorite campsite? The beach you went to when you were a kid? No one can steal your shoes on your own face? All great choices. Chaco also offers leashes, bracelets, dog chains and collars in its custom production line, which won’t make the decision-making process easier, but at least you can create a matching collection. That’s all there is to it-step by step, and express your personality while doing things.

Gear Junkie – Fully Customized Chaco Sandals

Sandals are baked under pressure. Ink moves from the transfer paper to the belt and sole. I was onsite at the Chaco plant in Michigan, and the shoes became hard before my eyes.

MyChacos PrintShop is a program in the pipeline. It is fully licensed for anyone interested in creating sandals with a completely custom style.

Chaco’s iconic Z / Sandal is a canvas. You can upload graphics-photos, artwork, personal sketches online on the PrintShop webpage. Once the design is complete, the factory workers in Rockford, Michigan will bring you unique sandals.

Chaco launched the program last week. The cost is extremely low; the company only charges $ 10 for the PrintShop version.

For more information on this product, please visit chacoonsale.com. Stephen Regenold is the founder and writes articles for Gear Junkie on outdoor gear.

You can now design your own Chacos

Bring your artwork to the streets (or mountains) with Chaco’s customizable sandals.
I’m not a trained artist, “said Sarah Uhl, a carbondale painter who guided me and 15 others to the watercolor workshop at the 5Point Adventure film festival. Uhl, 35, may not have accepted as an artist Formal education, but her work speaks for itself. Behind Uhl’s whimsical, natural style is the main task of advocating environment and health: in the past three years, she has raised nearly 30,000 for conservation-related causes US dollars.
Watercolor workshop at 5Point Adventure Film Festival. Photo by Eric Phillips

Today’s goal? Ur said that to use our imagination, this is the key to environmental management. “With protection work and advocacy, there is no silver bullet. When you understand what we need to do to protect the places we love, it’s daunting.” Her pillars of production include joy, friendliness, and inspiration-leading her to work with Paonia, Colorado Cooperation of the established footwear brand Chaco. Durable sandals that support adventure and lifestyle. The company, based in Rockford, Michigan, launched a sandal customizer called Printshop in February, and Uhl is the perfect expressionist to help showcase its technology.

After years of development, Chaco’s PrintShop enables anyone to create a sandal printed with their own design. PrintShop director Bianca Vasovski said: “With such a bulletproof product, consumers can put things on their shoes that can shake for many years, which is great.” Bianca Vasovski is the first to lead this new feature and now oversees four technologies Personnel as well as Chaco’s 3D dye diffuser.

Here’s how it works: Customers can submit any image and then print it first on film. “A lot of people send us personal artwork, pictures of dogs and family portraits,” Vasovsky said. Then place the sandal ingredients on the machine’s tray. The infrared heat above the head hits the film, while the vacuum table below activates thermoforming: this means that air is pulled down and sucks the film around the film. Customers can also spend an additional $ 5 on other personal items, including embroidery.

PrintShop customization is available on the brand’s 4 sandal versions (Z / 1, Z / 2, ZX / 1 and ZX / 2) as well as Flip (Chaco version of flip-flops) and a few accessories. Includes dog collar and leash. Don’t feel creative? Choose a stock design (free) from Chaco’s curated library, which contains 20 fun, vector-like designs such as peppers and avocados.

This is just the beginning. Chaco has teamed up with Uhl to create several PrintShop sandals featuring her artwork (coming in 2020). The brand has also teamed up with adventure and underwater photographer Perrin James, woodblock print and costume craftsman Erica Lang, and landscape painter Rachel Pohl, who launched a limited edition collection with four vibrant shoes two months ago .

Uhl envisions a future PrintShop project that will incorporate charitable elements related to environmental issues or organizations. But at the moment, it is equally important to promote creative expression throughout the community. “We need a feeling of staying in touch with ourselves, because from there our eyes opened our arms to the world.” Chaco took a step in the right direction with PrintShop.

Tread Labs triples insole variety with improved features and higher value

The improved range brings comfort, value and performance to customers and better prices and profits for retailers.

Stoneham, Mass .: Today, Tread Labs announced three new insole series to replace Stride, its flagship product. With the launch of this new insole series, Tread Labs has improved the customer experience with better fit, comfort, value and convenience, while also creating an insole program for professional retailers to Delivered in a challenging environment.

“In the past, we only considered end users and ignored the needs of brick-and-mortar retailers,” said Mark Paigen, owner of Tread Labs. “In spite of our success in the DTC market, we recognize that we are professional The importance of retailers in helping customers connect with our brand. “

The main changes include more attractive products at competitive prices, and higher profit margins to support professional retailers. The revised series is more visually appealing, logically classified, and attractively priced. This includes:

    Stroll Insoles (Comfort Series) – Our softest insoles are best for those who are sensitive to extra support.
    Pace Insole (Pain Relief Series) – Firm and most effective in relieving plantar fasciitis and other problems.
    Dash Insoles (Performance Series) – with 100% carbon fiber arch support for extra firm, low profile support. Ideal for competitive athletes seeking superiority through improved biomechanics.

“By combining the firm support and precise fit of custom orthotics with the simplicity of over-the-counter inserts, we offer a different approach to the value equation of insoles,” said Mark Paigen, owner of Tread Labs. “Our customers love Tread Labs’ easy replacement of the new cover, which saves money and reduces waste. This makes them happy with the purchase.”

All Ramble, Pace and Dash insoles have:

    Million Miles Guarantee-Tread Labs insoles are divided into two parts. The unique moulded arched bracket guarantees lifetime use. The interchangeable top cover can be easily replaced as needed.
    Fits every shoe-The insole comes in three top styles to precisely fit all low heel shoes.
    Exact size-you can wear shoes with almost no trimming.
    4 arched heights-guaranteed to fit all customers perfectly.

Tread Labs was created by Mark Paigen, founder of Chaco Sandals. After selling Chaco to Wolverine World Wide, Inc., his mission was to change people’s lives by improving footwear and biomechanics. “People usually don’t realize that footwear will feel great if it is properly supported,” Pegan said. “We are happy to hear from customers about their OMG moments when they find a strong sense of support. This Decided our day. “

Visit Tread Labs’ press room for high-resolution product images and two-part system videos.

About Tread Labs: Tread Labs manufactures orthopedic insoles with firm support and perfect fit. Tread Labs’ innovative two-piece system is recognized for its value and versatility by providing a semi-custom fit with four arch heights. Tread Labs is headquartered in Greater Boston, USA, and was founded in 2015 by Mark Paigen, founder of Chaco Sandals. For more information, visit http://www.chacoonsale.com.